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CEO's Message


Dear  Parents and Students!

First of all, on behalf of Milestone Group of Companies, I would like to congratulate your success and achievement in crossing through a supposed Iron Gate of SLC and wish you all the best for the upcoming academic journey as well. I am delighted to welcome the entire freshers who have bestowed their trust with us and invested their dream at Milestone International College. I just have conviction that no matter how big dream one has, its’ foundation and prospect lie on the everlasting trust between our faculties and our enthusiastic learners.

Though learning is supposed to be a lifelong process, achievement of learning in a specific discipline we have chosen is the most momentary partly because a single fruitless second in learning begets a series of worthless moments that ultimately plague the whole learning process in such a way that we hardly get a second to repair the loss. Of course, a single mistake in recognizing the importance of countless moments that constitute the span of life reaches to the eternal failure. So, dear freshers, let’s make a joint commitment that we at

Milestone International College will explore each seconds of learning only for the betterment to ensure our academic destination safe. Yet, we are aware that teaching and learning at Milestone must be creative and fun ridden to materialize the hidden potentiality of each learner into their respective field because learning based on spoon feeding is a waste of time, money and age.

I am sure that your trust, devotion and a sophisticated mannerism at the college premises will lead us to the apex of academic success.
Wish you a wonderful learning experience at Milestone International College!

Gambhir Man Tandukar
Chief Executive Officer
Milestone Group of Companies