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Principal's Message


Dear Parents and students!

“Give us your trust and honesty so that we make you responsible only.”
I, first of all, would like to con- gratulate to all the SLC graduates and would also like to welcome you all prospective students at this college. I feel quite delighted to get you in Milestone Int’l College which has a strong commitment in ensuring learning friendly en- vironment and thereby to make learners more responsible into their career path and life. I am sure, Milestone faculties would enhance our prospective students’ creative faculties through their insightful methodology in teaching.
Milestone Int’l College has its own unique identity in the sense that it offers to its’ learners a distinct learning environment in an affordable cost. Milestone believes that attainment of learning at any level can never be injected but is made with the untiring efforts of its’ learned and experienced faculties on which we always take pride. I expect all the faculties and learners would maintain a harmony so as to explore the creative potentiality of each learner that both learner and instructors despite their achievement in a certain field, enjoy the passion for learning.
Education’s core function is to raise spontaneity in an adequate and functional manner in a way where both the instructors and learners understand each other’s constraints in such a way that the whole environment of learning would inspire enthusiasm. It is through the raising of spontaneity in learning, we can begin to become creative both in our career and life as well. I hope you all will stay with us in our future journey towards responsibility because it starts with your conviction and ends with your conviction.
Lets build up a responsibility for others and ourselves as responsibility in learning matters much.
I wish you will get a wonderful learning environment with fun at Milestone.

Dhurba Poudal