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Student's Views

Mr. Hom Bdr Thapa

(XII, science)

I feel really proud to become a part of Milestone Int’l College. I am very much impressed by the Milestone’s student friendly learning environment and teaching style. Apart from enough dedication from the part of Milestone management and faculty to encourage students in learning, I found learning comes joy over here. The most important thing that I liked about the Milestone is the all supportive teachers.

Ms Riya Maharjan

(XII, Mgmt)

It is my pleasure to acknowledge all the readers of this prospectus that I have been a part of this institution for 2 years. All the faculty members and teachers indeed played a significant role in widening up the scope of my career. With the presence of inspiring teachers and dedicated management, this college has extended my imagination for the better future and the ability to make it come true.

Ms. Mandira Kafle

(XII, science)

I am highly impressed by Milestone faculty, who has helped me in every steps of my learning process. Experienced and dedicated faculty, regular and extra classes have benefited me a lot. Discipline and educational environment of the college seem really remarkable.

Mr. Sailesh Sapkota

(XII, Mgmt)

Milestone has really proved itself to be the milestone in the social transformation through its’ dedicated service in the production of skilled man power Dreams come true at Milestone. The quest for perfect knowledge to adapt in the 21st century ends here. Among hundreds of private colleges, it has been able to establish itself with its uniqueness. Undoubtedly, it is the best institute for many SLC degree holders to commence their further studies. Milestone Int’l College successfully, helped me to amplify my inner aspiration, veiled within me about which I was unknown. I wish its success in the years to come.